Lawns BY CAM- Services

Mowing Services:

Lawns By Cam offers weekly mowing for both commercial and residential properties. A basic mowing visit includes four aspects: mowing, edging, string trimming, and blowing.

Mowing is achieved by using commercial zero turns where we can, and commercial push mowers in areas not suitable for a heavy zero turn. String trimming includes evenly trimming around all obstacles or other areas not able to be reached by any of our mowers. Edging covers two areas: concrete and other hard services, and garden beds. We will use a blade edger along hard surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, and patios to cut a crisp, straight line. For garden beds with a natural edge (no stone, plastic, or metal edging) we will use a string trimmer to cut an edge and keep a sharp distinction between the turf and the garden bed. Blowing includes cleaning debris off of all hard surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, and patios.

Lawns By Cam only offers weekly mowing except on areas such as empty lots where the only goal is to keep the vegetation down or on first time property cleanups. Mowing every other week stresses your turf by cutting too much material off at one time. Mowing infrequently also allows weeds to flourish. Weekly mowing is one of the best ways to manage weeds in your turf. Mowing consistently discourages weed growth, and is very beneficial to your turf. Additionally, by mowing at a higher level, it can reduce your turf's need for water, and further discourage weed growth.

Turnkey Landscape Installation:

Leveraging our state-of-the-art landscaping design software, we’ll work with you to design a beautiful landscape for your home or business. From start to finish, our team at Lawns By Cam specializes in building and maintaining stunning coastal landscapes.

Many projects begin with the removal of existing plants, grading, and preparing the land. Depending on your specific goals, we can also design and install irrigation systems. We use our years of experience to select plants that thrive in our unique corner of the world and follow it up with installing sod, mulch and finishing touches like pavers, and landscape lighting. Our creative team is ready to bring your dreams to life!

SOD Installation:

One of the quickest ways to instantly turn a sparse lawn that is completely overrun with weeds into a lush thick turf is with sod. When you request a sod installation, we will meet with you at your property to find out your specific needs and determine what grass type is best suited for your lawn based on the amount of sun or shade, irrigation, and foot traffic expectations.

Our sod installation quote is all inclusive. We will start out by tilling/removing the old weeds and turf (if applicable). After that, we will grade and level your lawn while removing any bumps or low spots, put down 1 yard of topsoil per pallet of sod, and lay the sod. After the sod installation is complete, we will help go over the recommended care instructions with you to keep your sod healthy.

After you have your newly sodded lawn, it is important to keep up with maintenance. A newly sodded lawn that is not taken care of can quickly become as bad as the yard that was replaced. After we install your sod, we would be happy to give you an estimate detailing how much it would cost for us to continue maintaining it.

Integrated Organic Fertilizer Program:

A healthy turf, season after season begins with healthy soil. Our integrated organic fertilizer program includes all necessary micro and macro nutrients to help your lawn thrive! Service includes pre and post emergent herbicide and 6-7 applications per year.

Leaf Cleanup:

Not only are leaves unsightly, but they can also be detrimental to your yard. As leaves and pine straw build up over time, they smother, and start to kill your turf below. When spring comes and you finally mow your turf and get rid of the leaves, you're left with dead turf and bare spots. So leave the leaf cleanup to Cam!

 At Lawns By Cam, we believe in making your landscape work for you. We prefer every other week or monthly leaf cleanup visits instead of one time big cleanups. This makes the cleanups much more affordable per visit, and more beneficial to your turf. With these more frequent visits, we're usually able to mulch up the leaves instead of hauling them all away. When we mulch them, we chop them up very finely so that they're hardly noticeable. This benefits your turf in two ways. For one, it doesn't allow the leaves to sit on your turf for very long which greatly minimizes leaf damage. Secondly, these mulched leaves provide numerous nutrients that help feed your lawn naturally which improves the health of your turf. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a consultation and free estimate.

Mulch Installation:

Mulch is an important aspect of any garden. Not only does it give your gardens a fresh new look, but it helps retain moisture for plant growth and suppress weeds.

At the start of each mulch project, we clean out the beds. This includes removing weeds, leaves, and other debris to make it easier to apply a smooth layer of mulch Then we hand dig a deep edge to create a sharp barrier between your landscape bed and yard. We highly recommend putting down a pre-emergent herbicide before this last step. The pre-emergent prevents most weeds from germinating into plants. Lastly, we apply the mulch at a consistent depth.

While wood mulch is one of the best things to put down around plants, it may be necessary in some instances to use other materials. Because of this, we also install pine straw and various types of rock. When we meet with you on site, we will determine if it would be beneficial to use an alternative to wood mulch.

Gardening Services:

For gardens that need a delicate touch, we offer fully customizable gardening services that include seasonally appropriate hand pruning. Whether you desire a classic, manicured look or a unique, untamed feel, our coastal gardening experts are ready to care for your garden.